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What Is CaribCreed?

What Is The CaribCreed Brand All About?

Premium Cannabis Activism Brand For The Positive Class.

We are an independent family brand, our passion is personal because of family, job or public status every cannabis advocate cannot comfortably wear a traditional marijuana leaf t-shirt. Therefore we’ve created the first and only premium alternative t-shirt to the standard ‘marijuana leaf’ tee that anyone can wear, whether they enjoy cannabis (Leafy Genius T-shirt) or just support cannabis legalization and/or activism (Genius Classic T-shirt). Our tagged t-shirts commemorate and celebrate the hard work of cannabis advocates in states and countries where cannabis is now legal. Our tagless t-shirts inspire others around the world currently in the fight for their freedom.




All of our limited edition t-shirts and their tags are creatively put together by hand and sewn on every t-shirt, these unique ‘old school’ qualities and dedication to our craft are what separates us from the traditional t-shirts sold by popular everyday brands. We’ve coined the term positive class to describe our friends, the uncommon professionals, the rebels of our society who have a reputation to maintain, and the influencers who see things differently from the status quo.



The CaribCreed™ | Leafy& Genius brand team is a dream that came through from humble beginnings. Through friends like you and word-of-mouth thankfully our brand will continue to reach more like us, positively advocating daily for the legalization of cannabis in islands, cities, states, towns, and countries around the world. To date, our t-shirts have received five stars reviews from all of our friends in this uniquely positive class niche. Thank you for sharing this good vibe with your colleagues, friends, and family. 

Take a stand for humanness #WearYourGenius t-shirt at important events, we know your reputation is important and so is ours.
 Enjoy GoodLife, Cherish GoodLove & Spread GoodVibe. Cheers! #LiveInspired

Generation Us, We Will Change The World For The GOOD™